Cleopatra: Final Project Introduction

My final project will focus on Cleopatra VII, more commonly known as Cleopatra. Specifically, her leadership, her cunning, and her involvement in Roman affairs. This project will consist of five blog posts: (1) The first blog post will focus on the Ptolemaic Dynasty. This will set the stage for Egypt and the family-line Cleopatra came from, beginning with Alexander the Great and the takeover of Egypt by Ptolemy. The Wars of Diadochi and Syrian Wars both will be briefly touched upon.The blog post will conclude with the birth and early life of Cleopatra VII. (2) The second blog post will focus on how the Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled, and how Cleopatra rose back to power after Ptolemy XIII offended Julius Caesar. (3) The third blog post will dive into her participation in the Roman Civil War. The Roman Civil War will be set-up and described. Her specific involvement will be highlighted. (4) The fourth blog post will describe Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, and how Cleopatra got involved with both of them. (5) The last blog post will discuss the Battle of Actium, the death of Mark Antony, and the speculative death of Cleopatra. This final blog post will wrap-up my final project.

Blog post titles in the order they should be read (each title is hyperlinked for ease of navigation):

  1. Cleopatra: The Ptolemaic Dynasty in Egypt
  2. Cleopatra: Becoming a Female Ruler of Egypt
  3. Cleopatra: A Biased Stance in the Roman Civil War
  4. Cleopatra: Cleopatra, Caesar, and Antony
  5. Cleopatra: The Battle of Actium and Her Own Death

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