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Due date change

Because there’s some confusion, your assignment is now due Thursday, 9/22 by midnight, MDT.



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Logon to Canvas  for more information about due dates.

Reports are due tomorrow.  Final due date for all six blogs and the  one blog for people doing projects is next Thursday, April 24.

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The Daily Dis & Recipes

I spoke (or wrote) too soon.  When I finally finish the sound files for the Daily Dis, I’ll post here.

I’ll email  files to people using their Wildcat email address.  SilvaLupus and WSULoki, I’m pretty sure I have your personal addresses and  will use them.

I’ll also post the sound files and recipes to Canvas, under the original course link – everyone should be able to access that.

If you have problems with access, etc., or would rather I use a different email address, let me know:

Once that’s all done, this blog will go on hiatus (from the Latin hiatus meaning opening) until I teach the course again in January 2014.

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Legio I Lynx Fulminata

Legio I Lynx Fulminata will return in January 2014, the next time I teach the course.


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Changed due date

Yes, I’m still grading.  You will have until Monday, April 23 AT NOON to turn in revisions.  If you’re really have problems getting your final project done, email me and we’ll negotiate.

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Extra Credit info

Want to do extra credit, but don’t remember what you’re supposed to be doing?

April is  Holocaust/Genocide Commemoration/Awareness Month.   All extra credit relates to that.

Option 1:  Attend the film, Witnessing Darfur: Genocide Emergency,  which was shown on Friday April 6  in the Center for Diversity and Unity, attend the discussion and blog about it.

Option 2:  Watch one of the movies listed below and blog about it (requirements follow).

All movies are on reserve in the library.   All are documentaries except Blood Diamond.

  •  The Reckoning: the Battle for the International Criminal Court 
  • The Devil Came on Horseback 
  • God Grew Tired of Us
  • Facing Sudan
  • Blood Diamond

(Most are about Africa because I got them for an African History course.  I’ll be adding others for next year.)

The blog post:  15 pts
Due date:  Thursday, April 19, midnight MDT

  • 200-250 words
  • Includes:
    • Name of movie you saw
    • What it had to say about genocide
    • I didn’t have this originally, but you should also consider the perspective of the film – whose point of view – an outsider, perpetrator, survivor, victim, etc. and how that affects content
  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Solutions

No sources or image required

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Final Project tags

I’ve set up categories for each cohort to discuss their final projects.

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The Column of Trajan Assignment

The goal of this assignment is to get you to look at the benefits and perils of using non-text primary sources,  in this case art.  Specifically, I’ve asked you to look at different scenes from the Column of Trajan.

1.  Look at scenes about your topic and see what it tells you about the subject.  Can you figure out weapons?  What they’re wearing?  What they’re doing?  How do the various scenes support (or not) the information you’ve read in your textbook (Matyszak. Legionary) and elsewhere?

2.  Once you’ve done that,  it’s time for the harder part.  Art is not created, nor does it exist, in a vacuum.   When it’s created, why it’s created, how it’s created, what it’s made from, all affect the finished product.  As you look at your scenes, think about why Trajan had the column created, why the particular scenes that are shown might have been chosen (for example:  look at the Dacians.  How are they portrayed? ), how the choice of a column affected the design, etc.

3.  Once you’re ready to post, be sure to give proper credit for the scene and the cartoon, if you use one.  Mr. Peter Rockwell  has kindly given us permission to use his pictures in our blog.  Directly under each image, you need to use the caption feature to give credit.  For help using the caption feature see:  – the easiest way is to click on the highest resolution image available then copy the URL.

4.  The caption should give the following information:  Scene number if available,  subject of image.  Used with permission.  Copyright Peter Rockwell.  Via http://URL of the image you used.

5.  You also need to credit the image at the end of your post using the correct APA or MLA style.

For example:

Scene from the Column of Trajan

Scene 110. Legionaries foraging. Used with permission. Copyright Peter Rockwell. Via

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Due date change for Alexander

Your Alexander blog is now due on Thursday, Feb. 9 by midnight MST.

Email me if you’ve got any questions.

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Legio I Lynx Fulminata

Welcome to the blog of Legio I Lynx Fulminata.*  Join us as we march through time and space conquering considering the various facets of war in the Classical and Medieval Eras.

*(AKA Weber State U. Honors 2110:  Intellectual Traditions – Great Ideas of the West in the Classical & Medieval Eras:  Warfare)


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