Extra Credit info

Want to do extra credit, but don’t remember what you’re supposed to be doing?

April is  Holocaust/Genocide Commemoration/Awareness Month.   All extra credit relates to that.

Option 1:  Attend the film, Witnessing Darfur: Genocide Emergency,  which was shown on Friday April 6  in the Center for Diversity and Unity, attend the discussion and blog about it.

Option 2:  Watch one of the movies listed below and blog about it (requirements follow).

All movies are on reserve in the library.   All are documentaries except Blood Diamond.

  •  The Reckoning: the Battle for the International Criminal Court 
  • The Devil Came on Horseback 
  • God Grew Tired of Us
  • Facing Sudan
  • Blood Diamond

(Most are about Africa because I got them for an African History course.  I’ll be adding others for next year.)

The blog post:  15 pts
Due date:  Thursday, April 19, midnight MDT

  • 200-250 words
  • Includes:
    • Name of movie you saw
    • What it had to say about genocide
    • I didn’t have this originally, but you should also consider the perspective of the film – whose point of view – an outsider, perpetrator, survivor, victim, etc. and how that affects content
  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Solutions

No sources or image required

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