Blog Post 6

Final Summary


There are many other types of siege engines and siege weapons that were used in the Middle Ages.  There were mangonels, catapults, ballistas, ladders, biological warfare, psychological warfare, etc.  They could pollute or cut of the water supply to the castle or cut of the food supply.  Many times they would just cut off all access to outside the castle and wait until they ran out of food or surrendered.

The point is that there were numerous ways to attack a castle and there were numerous ways to defend one.  Each castle was a little different and would have its strengths and weaknesses.  All the castles were built on different types of terrain which would provide its own set of challenges in defending and attacking.  An attacking army would have to take all these things into account and choose the best way to attack the castle or town.

Laying siege to a castle was a game of moves and counter moves where the smarter army would win.  Whoever could out smart the other would survive.

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