Tower of London Model- Final Project

Tower of London Overview

An overview of the Tower of London taken from Wikipedia

I decided to do my final project on the Tower of London, by making a model of it. I went on a vacation to London with my dad in 2011. While we were there we stopped at a lot of the famous attractions and one that struck out to me was the Tower of London. I’ve always loved and have been fascinated by castles, so what better chance to get to learn about them more than do my final project on one! I started by project by looking up images of the aerial view of the castle. The one I based my model off of is the one to the left that I found on Wikipedia’s page about the Tower of London. With this picture giving me a general idea of how to make my model, I decided to look up model ideas that maybe other people have used. I came across a website that had a paper print out that could be cut out and folded into the main central building of the castle called White Tower. I used this as my main focus and after hours of cutting, folding, and gluing, I finally had my White Tower. I then bought a foam poster board, some spray paint, and saved a lot of toilet paper rolls for the inner and outer walls of my castle. I used popsicle sticks for the inner wall and then created the other buildings with cardboard. After all of that was finished, I completed my model by printing out labels of the buildings and towers, and taped them to the sides. I had a lot of fun doing this project and I was very pleased at how it turned out.

The final product of my project!

The final product of my project!

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Cannon Creative Park: (where I got my paper model)

Image from: Wikipedia contributors. “Tower of London.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 7 Apr. 2014. Web. 24 Apr. 2014.


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