Blood Diamond

I saw Blood Diamond on Friday of last week and It made me realize how much we are blessed in the US that we do not have the same worries that everyday people have in Africa. The fact that the R.U.F is going around city to city just to kill people to overthrow the government and to get diamonds to smuggle is something I did not know Africa had a problem with. The people that are dying everyday and it is not only dieases that are killing people, but people killing other people, is something I did not really think still happened today. People that are from the same motherland are killing each other for greed, politics, and significance. At least fifty percent of the people who were the R.U.F were kids and I could not believe the things that training a person to kill would do.

The perspective that the movie holds is between the men, Soloman and Archer. Soloman was a man who was just trying to fight for his family and to get his family back again. Archer was just a man of greed who throughout the movie softens up and becomes the heart of gold who helps Soloman get his family back.

The only thing that could help out with this is if people do not buy diamonds from Africa or at least Sierra Leone and put the R.U.F down. Something as small as a stone is killing thousands and millions of people, its outrageous.

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