Cohort VII – Final Project Discussion

Greetings fellow members of Cohort VII Scutum Decoris! Our current suggestion for a final project we can do as a group is to have a Legionary vs. Knight Battle. This would consist of the following parts:

1. An actor/fighter to dress up and fight as a Knight/Legionary. They would research the battle techniques as well as meet with the other fighter for practice.

2. A costume designer. They would research and make a replica costume for their Legionary/Knight.

3. A weapon designer. They would research and create replica weapons for their Legionary/Knight.

Also, depending on the amount of work needed for these three positions, perhaps there might be overlap. For example, the weapon designer might also create the accessories if the costume designer had too much other work.

Do you have any other suggestions? Any other ways to split up the work?  Anything important I missed?


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7 responses to “Cohort VII – Final Project Discussion

  1. gypsytalaitha

    Maybe the way that the legionary was raised and how their life was?

  2. geiravor

    So 4 of us left and we all like the idea of doing just the Legionary half of the recreation? I was thinking a fourth job could be the Legionary’s pack, but they carry so little that we wouldn’t have very even work. Maybe the standards, then? Or a standard and their personal/pack items? What do you think?

  3. geiravor

    Hey guys! The proposal is due tomorrow! Is the whole group in agreement? What’s going on?

  4. geiravor

    Okay! Two positions filled! Does everyone else want to do this? If so, what part would you like to do? I’m up for whatever you all don’t want?

  5. tiresias91

    I’m still up for making the Legionary costume. The only real question there is am I making it for myself, or are we dressing James up in it?

    • Loki

      I thought we were going to throw me in it. I guess you and I will have to communicate outside of this in order to sort that out. 801-440-8370, text is best option.

  6. Loki

    I don’t think you missed anything. It looks like the general idea we talked about. My only concern is working out the costs and the time commitments for everyone.

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