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Cohort Roles

Veni Vedi Vici!

Cohort VII Scutum Decoris Roles.

Andie: scriba

Behar: tribunus laticlavius

James: legionary legatus

Jennifer: praefectus castrorum

Jessica: aquilifer

Karen: medicus

Spencer: explorator

porro ago nostrum rector!

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Cohort II Leadership for the Battle of Marathon

Amy: Leader-red

Jeff: Scribe/Historian/Aftermath-pink

Boston: Strategist-orange

Liz: Scout/Intelligence-yellow

Hailey: Military Tech/ Weapons Developer/ Armoury-green

Wally: Doctor/Healer/Priest-blue

Caden: Camp Coordinator/ Fills in as  Priest/Healer/Priest-White

Sorry if I got any names wrong or spelled them wrong. I had my mom read them to me over the phone and my handwriting was terrible. Sorry again

-FreyjaBellona aka Amy

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Legio I Lynx Fulminata

Welcome to the blog of Legio I Lynx Fulminata.*  Join us as we march through time and space conquering considering the various facets of war in the Classical and Medieval Eras.

*(AKA Weber State U. Honors 2110:  Intellectual Traditions – Great Ideas of the West in the Classical & Medieval Eras:  Warfare)


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